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If anyone of us has a house and attached to the house, of course, a garden, it is quite normal to make a greenhouse. But this raises the usual question of where to buy a greenhouse, hothouse what? All a bit easier than it actually is you think! Let’s begin to move systematically on greenhouse. […]

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How To Build A Brick House

People long ago began to build brick houses. The most common type of brick – a brick clay, which is obtained by way of firing a mixture of clay, together with other components. Project home made of brick usually involves a construction of all bearing exterior walls with a thickness of 510-640 mm. Also, apart […]

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Kirov Construction

If the Kirov is mass construction, for example, social housing with a mortgage, then there may be some reduction and retention rates. And in the construction of one or two houses to pull a low cost extremely difficult. " Now let us turn to the builders … The head of the Department of Civil Engineering […]

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