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Arabian Peninsula

History of coffee actually starts from the 13th century, although the origin of this culture has not yet been established. There is a legend in which the invigorating qualities of coffee were first discovered by Ethiopian Oromo ancestors of the present people. However, period until the 17th century has not been found any information on […]

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Russia Construction

Construction of Brick – one of the most popular types of construction. Brick – the material most suitable for their construction specifications for an average strip of Russia. In addition to the price category it is more accessible than foreign luxury building materials. But choosing the construction of brick, you need to remember that the […]

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Oil Absorption

When the particle size 0.2 microns amount of scattered light for all wavelengths maximum. With increasing particle size from 0.25 to 0.3 microns scattering of blue light rapidly decreases. But the dispersal of green and red does not change. However, with a diameter of 0.15 micron particles observed maximum scattering of blue, while a scattering […]

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