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Florida Real Estate

Social Security

We wonder when we will leave the crisis and when we will live a new expansionary phase. I am personally quite pessimistic in this regard. Only the real estate bubble, no great aptitude and talent requirements activity, gave our country ephemeral moments of well-being. It is not easy to change a production model. It really […]

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Spain Car

In Spain left over soil everywhere, what is lacking is soil that is allowed (in exchange for corresponding bribery) to build. It is estimated that currently the soil represents about half of the price of the floor, by what the true liberalization of the soil would entail a radical change in the valuation of real […]

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Mexico Estate

The current housing market seems a lot to market cars that today seems more a bad dream than a real situation that lived many of the people we meet every day on the street. In many places I have read that the drop of the real estate in bag will not affect real estate, but […]

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Final Challenge

There is no country more conducive than China to invest in public works or more beautiful than the Shanghai real estate bubble. The Eastern Sports Center is one that works futuristic that are giving the city a more impressive profile every day. From this Saturday, this gigantic scenario that has cost EUR 200 million will […]

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Vault Insurance

Get rid of unwanted items that can be made by having a garage sale in motion much ahead of time and then the donation of leftovers to the Salvation Army and other charitable groups. Get all documents and important papers together and secure them. Since that moved it is hectic, to say the least, we […]

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