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Unconscious Personal

But: what happens with those defects which are relatively aware, but that;? do as much as we try to avoid them, often again manifested in our conduct with a force so that our most sincere desire is insufficient to resist?. If work of desvastar the gross stone consists of debugging our personality of its undesirable […]

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Battery Charger

To enjoy to the fullest extent possible by rechargeable batteries is good also get a good battery charger, since it will allow us to better performance and duration of the batteries, so the battery charger will be the best ally of the batteries and thus enjoy much more than this great tool. In order to […]

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President Luis Echeverria Alvarez

This grouping emerged characters as Jose Vasconcelos, Antonio Caso and Pedro Enriquez, who had a great influence on the consolidation of the thought of Cosio Villegas, but it was the latter which purchased its willingness to intellectual work and its critical spirit (Moya and Serrano, 2006: 114). Not in vain Cosio Villegas is considered an […]

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Visiting Curacao Bon Bini

I can not change the direction of the wind, but yes to adjust my sails to always reach my destination. JAMES DEAM towards many years that not visiting Curacao, despite living close, neighbor to Venezuela and more in my case 30 minutes from aircraft from Valencia, Carabobo. When I met her for the first time […]

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Aventura Florida

Finally, after months of staring at the ceiling and think boludeces, started the activity. it is true that sells only one who wants to sell, unless it is a short sale or bank sale. Yesterday I had a closing last week and another. Apparently there are customers trying to buy a piece of what remains […]

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