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According to public data systems context advertising in RuNet, absolute leaders in the ranking of most expensive words in contextual advertising in 2009 were related to plastic windows. In addition, quite expensive will cost an advertiser search words on glazing of balconies, shop doors and beams. Feature of ppc is that it is based on the principle of the auction. If an advertiser wants is his ad showed an internet user, you must set a higher rate (cost per click on your ad) than its competitors. "That is, the advertiser pays only for potential customers interested in advertising message, "- says Christina , director of advertising online agency" Enquire about this property "(St. Petersburg). Send "Plastic windows", "windows" money game comes to 750 rubles. For comparison: the most large stakes in the automotive category at present do not exceed 60 rubles.

The high cost of clicks for queries related to plastic windows and other building materials, direct evidence of growing interest industry to a similar type of promotion. "We actively use contextual advertising, which helps increase the number of visits to our site, – said Natalia Bulanova, Head of Marketing and Advertising Group propleks companies, one of the founders of the Russian market of pvc profiles. – Given that the considerable resources of its portals, we pay for the information of our regional partners, it turns out that not only benefits us. ".

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