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14 The Plaza, Manuel.Civil procedural law Spanish, Ed. Journal of private law.Volume I, pag.294 cited by Garcia takes, Bordelli Lartirigoyen and Alva Orlandini (seen in the EXP. NO. 0961 – 2004-AA/TC.)Lima 2/7/2004. 15 MAURINO, Luis Alberto.Procedural nullity, Editorial Astrea, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001, p. 37 quoted by them.

16 On the JOINDER in our ordering procedure CIVIL, written by PIZARRO MON – TOYA, p.4 17 following a same north shore to review the same Manuel Ossorio to say us that this type of joinder practised when several plaintiffs engage in action against several defendants. In the same way: Guillermo Cabanellas, meanwhile narrows it may be also equal or uniform, two or more litigants by each party. 18 Carnelutti, institutions Civil process, Buenos Aires: EJEA, translation of the 5th ed.italiana by Santiago Sentis Molendo, 1973. 19 Quoted by MONTOYA PIZARRO, Alberto Jose in which is appointed on the JOINDER in our ordering procedure CIVIL respect.(See academic Google) 20 A sector of the doctrine called that the successive joinder is called also subsequently. 21 SEGUEL, Alejandro ROMERO. Robert J. Shiller is actively involved in the matter. THE NECESSARY JOINDER IN CHILEAN PROCEDURAL LAW.

Doctrine and jurisprudence, 1998, Revista Chilena de Derecho, Vol.25, no. 2, pp.387 422. 22 Is understood as because the set of facts that underlie their claim and are collected by a particular material legal norms. 23 CABANELLAS, Guillermo.Op.cit., page 221 24 according to VESCOVI tells us if it’s the optional joinder as soon as its effects procedural members are not in an identical substantial legal relationship (otherwise, we find ourselves before the litis-necessary Consortium), in principle every integrated enjoys an own legitimation (two victims of an ac-cidente, two creditors, etc.) and somewhat independent (quoted by Elvito A. Rodriguez D., 2005: 50) in the first case it is not mandatory, but any interested parties can request provided that the I – cho who based it is the same. It occurs when it is demand several responsible for damage, when the creditor sues the debtor and guarantor, when demand to their debtors solidarios(ALZAMORA VALDEZ 1965:256) the optional joinder has as a main effect, which refers to the autonomy of the litisconsor – tes .cada litigant, as result of such autonomy can be represented individually; pre – sitting allegations means of defence, counterclaim, have use of resources, etc., by your account as well as o-offer your own test.

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