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Anchor rods. Production of anchor rods. Ground anchors. Production of anchors. Anchor foundation.

Anchor bolt. Anchor special. Holdfast. Suppl. Iolite M produces and manufactures a variety of Metal, metal products, tie rods, Ground anchors, anchor bolts. With manufacturing equipment anchor and anchor rods for use in hydro and quay walls, anchors. Iolite M engaged in manufacturing, production, supply of anchor rods, anchor bolts, ground anchors. Anchor rods, bolts, mortgages, made of bar iron, of circular cross section.

Also made of steel round, ground anchor, anchor bolts, tie rods. During the construction of quay walls, buildings, fixtures grooved walls used manufactured and supplied anchors. Anchor devices, anchor rods, anchor bolts, are classified by the method of attachment to the ground. Anchoring systems are classified precast, drill, screw, adjusting, concreted, with the filling of the composite rod, hollow pipe, wire, high-strength reinforcing ropes, reinforcing cage, high-strength steel. Anchors vary in duration of use, are temporary, permanent. Anchor drilling are used for different soils. In sandy soils and dunes are used to pull anchor and thickening kamufletnym for clay soils. Anchors are made of highly durable steel GOST 2590. The anchor rod made of steel circular cross section. Anchoring is allowed to produce thrust, ground anchor of hot-rolled seamless pipes GOST 8732. The length of the anchoring structure is determined by the project. Our factory for metal processing, metal , Anchor Mortgage, inserts, supports, piping, floodlight towers, ground anchors, quickly erected buildings, blocks, Katkov, used metalworking equipment. Anchor rods, anchor bolts, Ground anchors shall comply with the specifications of the manufacturer, OST, SNIP., mNV, specifications, design documents according to the manufacturer and specifications. Anchor rod, anchor soil, anchor bolt, anchor for fixing the main pipeline in the collection consists of an anchor link design. And comes with couplings, washers, nuts, swivel (for anchor rods with swivel). Requirements for the mother for the manufacture and production of anchor rods, anchor bolts, ground anchors. Welds anchor rods performed according to GOST 144771s visually measuring control 100% of all joints. Requirements welding materials used SNP-23. Appearance of products is checked visually without the use of magnifying devices. When checking the welding seams can be applied using a magnifying glass zoom. When checking the anchor structures, anchor rods, anchor bolts of the main dimensions should be used a measuring tool attorney. Dimensions of anchor rods check gauges, templates, universal measuring instruments. Iolite M produces metal, metal. In particular, we have mastered the manufacturing of the anchor design, manufacture of anchor rods, ground anchors, the bolt bent type 1.11.2 The foundation, The foundation bolt with plate Type, Bolt The foundation component type 3.13.2, Bolt The foundation type Anchor fixing fences construction pits, the anchor bolt with a hook.

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