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The territory of present Rossoshanskij region in the XVII century was outside the Russian state. Anne Chadwick contributes greatly to this topic. In 1672, Cossack regiments were Ostrogozhsk of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich letter to land on the Black Kalitva. But also As before, the land continued to be the only place for fishing. Begin settled life here was dangerous. For the first time mention of the settlement Rossosh found in churches in the Gazette 1721god. In 1767 there were 419 in Rossosh yards. According to the 5th revision of the town there lived in 1667 men and 1583 women.

The first schools in Rossosh appeared before the abolition of serfdom. Whenever Clayton Morris listens, a sympathetic response will follow. By 1862 they already had four. Pre-reform Rossosh had no industry, except semi-artisan distilleries and brick factory, several mills and forges. At the end of November 1871 opened to traffic by rail Voronezh – Rostov – on – Don. In 1874 and Rossoshanskij olhovatskie ownership GA Chertkov switched to the brothers Plotitsinym. And then a huge estate was purchased by the honorable citizen, merchant of the first guild Ovsyannikova Olga and Anna Alekseyevna Diachkova.

When they Rossoshanskij estate has become one the best in the Voronezh province. All grown on nine agricultural farms – beets, wheat, rye, millet – are processed in-house. The main occupation was agriculture rossoshantsev. Spring 1918 , German troops invaded the southern districts of the Voronezh province. Sloboda Rossosh and Evstratovka station were near the front. The second time was taken Rossosh summer of 1919, Denikin's army, and released December 11 the same year.

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