Kathy Salazar

Florida Real Estate

Apartment Outlets

Before we proceed directly to the installation of new outlets to how much they will be in your apartment. Suppose we are talking about a studio apartment 35 sq.m. With an area of 18.5 sq ft room is likely to need is not less than 7 sockets: a television, dvd-player or vcr, stereo, telephone, lamp, computer, and another socket for connecting iron or vacuum cleaner. The kitchen is usually done two sockets under the fridge and tv and another unit outlets under small appliances – kettle, microwave, blender or juicer In the bathroom make an outlet for washing machine and a conventional electrical outlet (for example, a hair dryer or electric shaver). It is very important to both of these outlets have been with enhanced protection from moisture. The hall is usually missing one or two outlets, for example, under the bra or under your phone. Now you can calculate how many will need switches: one double switch in the room, one single for the kitchen, one double switch for the bathroom and toilet, and finally, a single switch in the hallway. The result is: 15 sockets, 2 single and 2 double switch.

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