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Florida Real Estate

Apartment Purchase

The purchase of an apartment is one of the larger operations. It must be chosen carefully and to prevent problems, it is necessary to take a number of precautions: consult the registry of property. The visit we will obtain two very valuable information. One, check that the data offered by the particular seller is real: if it is indeed the owner, who has the intended surface, etc. And two, if you have mortgage the floor (that there is a debt whose payment meets the floor) or other loads. If so, it is best that the seller cancel it before a notary before signing the contract.

Another solution is that the purchaser undertakes to continue paying to change that deduct the price of the floor. In this case you must ask the seller receipts proving that he is aware of the already overdue repayment terms payment. If there is no mortgage buyer may authorize the seller who signs a mortgage loan. But should that authorization is not included in the contract of sale, since it would force the buyer to accept it even when conditions of the same not meet him. Aware of payments. It isn’t more check if the particular owner of the flat is on the day of payment of fees and municipal means (sewage, garbage), other tax (contribution) or community expenses. Of these ‘oversights’ responds the floor throughout the year previous to the sale. Delivery of signal to buy the apartment reservation.

Certifying receipt stating the total price of the House, which will be deducted the amount given as a sign you should ask. If the buyer renounces, loses the rights to that money. But if the seller terminated the agreement it will return twice. If other advance payments are delivered before receiving housing promoter should enter them in an account and ensure them, if it breaks the real estate, a bank guarantee or insurance policy.

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