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Arabian Peninsula

History of coffee actually starts from the 13th century, although the origin of this culture has not yet been established. There is a legend in which the invigorating qualities of coffee were first discovered by Ethiopian Oromo ancestors of the present people. However, period until the 17th century has not been found any information on where exactly in Africa grew coffee trees, and who was the first indigenous people have used coffee as a stimulant or even suspected of such property. The story of an Ethiopian goatherd Caldy, which opened coffee supposedly still in the 9th century, appeared in written records only in 1671, so its reliability is still questionable. It is believed that coffee from Ethiopia, then spread to Egypt and Yemen.

In the mid-15th century, monks from the monastery of Sufism in Yemen at least knew about the coffee trees and, possibly, used coffee. It is on the Arabian Peninsula was invented close to the modern way coffee, namely the initial roasting coffee beans, which are then dissolved in warm water. By the 16th century, coffee spread to the Middle East, namely in Persia and Turkey, from reaching North Africa. Then about him found in Italy and the rest of Europe, Indonesia and the Americas, which brought the Dutch coffee. The English version of the word "coffee" comes from the Dutch koffie, which in turn is an interpretation Arabian gahwa, the resulting reduction of the expression qahhwat al-bun (literally, "wine made from grain.") In another version of the word "coffee" comes from the name of the kingdom of Kaffa, located in Ethiopia, where coffee was originally and grew trees.

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