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Archaeology Of Love

Already several nights ago I had a dream that at the beginning I became irritable during the following days. I was slowly overcoming this stage to the extent of reaching a State of gratitude and joy. ultimately it’s something, a desire, with which I have been living for many years already. The dream was more or less well: I returned to find a person who had not been seen for more than fifteen years. He saw her as he is currently. Who that ensures me? He was not only a beautiful face in front of me, a beautiful person in attitudes and behaviors.

Here is where I begin to suspect that I am idealizing the person I miss (much to my way: happens that I occupy my mind in readings, construct written, find words of encouragement and work tirelessly; then then, I have little time to surprise it.), or unlikely, to rebuild it according to how I met her. This would become a beautiful and curious activity: be conducting a kind of archaeology of love. What the? purpose of all this? It will be that I resigned to get me to the idea that already not part of my life, as has happened throughout these years. Incidentally, we should ask ourselves until point I have made an effort to do so. Once again I find myself with my rare attitude of not forcing things, choose to let things flow according to as destiny dictates it.

I don’t even think about disrupting the harmony of things. It is more, yet with certainty when it was the last time I saw her, nor what was not our last conversation. I even find sufficient reasons to reproach me have allowed our friendship ended. That Yes, I have the audacity to dream of a current meeting with her. That dream seemed so real that I felt immensely happy, despite the fact that upon waking I understood that everything was a dream, that happiness, no one, neither my strange bitterness it I will remove.

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