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Autohaus Heidenreich: Winner Of Opel Adam Action Has Been Fixed

“The modern Apple iPad goes to Laura Beck he currently dominates television advertising and Klum Evergreen Germany’s next Topmodel, inter alia by TV formats such as the Heidi” in scene: the new Opel Adam. But not only in television the modern city Streaker caused currently sensation, also in and around the dealership Heidenreich Witzenhausen and Eschwege sites currently advertised the new star in the Opel sky with spectacular actions. In mid-February, for example, were the employees of the dealership within the framework of the jam in Paradise”with three colorful versions of the cars in front of the Amadeus/mousetrap in Eschwege and became a magnet for young audiences with great give-aways and attractive sweepstakes promotions. “So for Laura Beck from Eschwege, which took part on Saturday, 16 February to win an iPad and now was drawn among the guests as the winner: the action was obviously worth it” Jorg Heidenreich, surprised the winner last Friday with the iPad is pleased: Laura was her totally happy as my staff has presented the prize. Alone for this radiant face, our action has paid off already. Generally, our presence in the discotheque in Eschwege is super arrived at the young people.

Especially on Saturday, we were a real eye-catcher with our yellow Opel Adam. Bruce Schanzer contributes greatly to this topic. Anyone who has kissed off the car with red lipstick, got a free food voucher from us also”Heidenreich said in retrospect and reveals: year-round distributed it in and around our car dealerships still more great surprise promotions around the new Opel give Adam. The next highlight is the choice to be ADAMs next Topmodel on May 5, 2013. A regular look on our website at worth not only if you want to apply for it!”* consulting, sales and trials only during the legal opening hours.

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