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The best loan, best credit, are best suited to their needs. The consumer needs of the user, the borrower, have become the real motive of the new financial products, especially loans, designed by the various financial institutions. The primary purpose of any loan you want to achieve some of the best ranges in the customer loyalty is to adapt, almost like a second skin, to the needs of users. It is true that before entering into a loan should be analyze, between different offers, a series of elements that can serve to differentiate one from other loans, and would have to take into consideration: Interest Rate APR. Fixed or variable interest. Joint Interest. Number preharvest annual depreciation quotas. Total period of depreciation rate settlement installments fixed, progressive, regressive.

Total odds depreciation. Costs of formalization. Bank charges study and others. Possible penalties for repayment of the loan. Expenses not available. Need guarantors.

Need to provide mortgage guarantees. Possible tax relief on loan payments. But once you are known, and still other characteristics of the loan to formalize, it is common to find that the possibilities of analysis exceeding our capacity, so that the choice of loan leads to a reasonable doubt: what is the best loan Hence, before the avalanche of information is very important to address the APR of the transaction, whose concept, content and scope is explained elsewhere on this website and, from there, prioritize what matters most to the user, according to of those needs to conclude that personal loan is best applied to ourselves.

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