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Believed to be sellers of real estate, there is no way passes the acquisition of real estate as an asset. Magdeburg, 16.07.2013. It is in particular the Euro apathy or even the fear of the devaluation of the euro, that motivate many people to real estate purchase. Low lending rates, facilitate a purchase to be added. Currently again rising incomes are conducive to positive prospects for the business location Germany.

While investors expect that real estate is a highly sustainable protection against loss. The purchase to protect it from inflation. Even vice versa is a shoe it: who takes a loan today, pay back terms with worse money tomorrow this over the years. So in fact, inflation helps to pay off the loans because the money with which this happens is worth less so. So is considered the House’s concrete gold”, to guarantee a value retention especially in times of crisis. “This also in the background, than living an elementary need” is.

In countries a life on the road is so limited as Germany. But this Bill goes up? First of all, it is right that a property represents a fundamentally difficult destructible material and of course has an intrinsic value. Also land is let alone yes no any unique in sought after locations. In the times after the reunification but some buyers had to experience how quickly one can suffer shipwreck with real estate”, says real estate expert Thomas Filor. These investors bought flats, the quality of which only on the paper was visible and at locations, where they are now hardly more rentable. At this point shows that difficult rentable property in this respect can lead to damage the owner, as their market value drops. The investment is relatively highly leveraged, it may be the angle of the entire project. For the investor, this carries the risk of capital loss although represents the real estate itself is still a value”, so Thoma Faraman. We look at the last point to: repeatedly argued, the return of real estate at least in reasonable projects would be on the Inflationsarte. Consequently, the purchase of real estate is a profit at least in regard to preserving the value. “You should look on this argument in two directions: to the rental income and possible advertising costs should hit the financing cost”. It is a question of equity capital investments often. On the other hand, the attainable rental income – for example, through indexing and the performance of the real estate should also exceed the inflation rate. In such a case, a real estate acquisition is indeed a good way to avoid possible inflationary trends and at the same time a good alternative to money values. Taking into account these points real estate expert Thomas Filor of the underwriter Faraman trying to find Magdeburg tailor-made solutions for its investors. He distances himself clearly from the sale under pressure.

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