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The caves had been also used, in remote ages, as surrounding insurance and housing for the primitive man, fact proven for the immense variety of archaeological evidences and for the rupestre art. In some cases these sockets also can be called burrows, lapas or abysses. The relative terms the cave generally use the root espeleo-, derived from Latin spelaeum, of Greek , ' ' caverna' ' , of the same root of the word ' ' espelunca' '. It can be distinguished among the flora gifts, a variety of orqudeas, brifitas, pteridfitas, angiospermas and gimnospermas, vestiges of the Atlantic bush, as murici, (crassiflia B.), red anjico (anaderanthera colubrina), cajueiro (Anacardium occidentale); Frog (Physalaemus olfersi), species of rzinha, one of the wealth of biodiversity. The exuberncia of the biodiversity detached in the lianas, (anjicos and jacarands).

It has plants that they start as epfitas and they finish as terrestrial plants. Its seeds germinate on pitchforks of branches or leaf armpits, where they had been deposited by birds in its excrements; its roots grow around caule of the hostess, in direction to the ground, where they penetrate and if they ramify; with its growth in thickness they finish growing ones with the others forming a column vigorous, capable to support its pantry, when the hostess, with its caule asfixiado in the interior, dies and if she undoes. In the soil of the forest some fungos, micorrizas, are formed next to the roots of the trees where they assist in the absorption of nutrients. Saprfitas plants evolved the point to excuse clorofila, leaving to make the photosyntheses, live the cost of organic substance in decomposition. They are esbranquiadas plants that grow in way leves in the soil of the forest. On the trunks of the trees sets of ten of orqudeas meet, bromlias, cactceas, that is, epfitas perfectly adapted the life far from the ground.

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