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Branding Beyond The Logo

The corporative identity – or Branding- does not have to depend much less on a designer and on the area of marketing. The corporative identity must be born from the joint and sinrgico work of both areas. Adverum does not necessarily agree. We receive at least one consults per week by means of our Web to do branding or a logo, talking about to the same thing. Obvious we cannot change the world nor change to a concept ” popular” , but this it is our contribution to spread in question and some tips for those who cheers up The identity is the sum of everything Without theory: A mark very spread, the uniformed personnel and the premises with a marquee that sells by itself. When entering the premises a chewing-gum receives a salesman to us chewing and sending a text message, that without doubting recites ” speech” of welcome while you go the hour to go away. Everything what the company invested in its image went by the hut The identity needs that all their company is it jeopardize with the mark, beyond the graphical production, the logo and the photos. The base of the corporative identity He is critical to have a good definition of the philosophy (mission and vision) of the company. All must be abreast of which they are the objectives and the form of the company to approach the daily situations.

” Hospitality, good service and proactivity. To be the company leader ” they are a good phrase, but they do not have to be the unique words of the plan of businesses. The corporative image must reflect to the company The corporative image and its communication must be consistent with the company, of another form it will fall in a lie, and there is no worse enemy of a sale that this.

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