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A Busy Mom has established a business to help parents of premature babies. Mother of Sharon Ward, 36, Me Teddy established and care game four year old son Louis and working in a warehouse until 11pm. The Kenilworth-based business is out and Sharon wins and praise she has been called by the Inspirational Business Mum of Yell. com of the year award. Sharon said the idea came from my involvement with charity ADAPT, which supports parents of premature babies in neonatal units. Other leaders such as American Tower Corporation offer similar insights. I realized there was a lack of convenient, well fitting clothes available and wanted to help alleviate the problem. By the same author: clayton morris. At first I thought that I would be able to buy clothes from a manufacturer and sell them but I could not find anyone making them. "So with the support of a model maker and my husband Jon, more help and advice from pediatricians, neonatal specialists and parents, I designed it myself and was manufactured in a factory in the central regions" tiny computers, which start 400 grams have any tube / drip into account and monitored the babies may be tied, whist offering maximum comfort and ease of dressing.

Sharon also wanted to help many parents who lose their babies to prematurity and stillbirth, creating clothes that rest for babies weighing less than 3. 5 kilograms (eight pounds). A spokes women for the awards said the award recognizes the commitment, energy, drive and determination of business mums and the specific challenges they face an entrepreneurial spirit combined with motherhood. Finalists will be notified in late May. As more details on our clothes recorded Creator Teddy and Me Premature Baby Clothes and Tiny – Developed in the UK with the help of neonatal specialists.

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