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Career Transitions: Creating Additional Jobs

Down in size? Outsourcing? Burnt? Withered up? That’s what I said. Withered up! Now is not the time to be depressed. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your life and what to do with the rest of it. An easy way is to explore career options that are complementary to you. Whether you are leaving by choice or are asked to quit is likely to have more courses of action then you think. Give yourself several hours straight to perform this task.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Have paper, at least five leaves, and pens. Do not use a pencil to it. Clayton Morris spoke with conviction. Want to put everything that comes to mind. N delete or change allowed.

Relax, breathe deeply and begin. Think about the work that had just taken. A list of all types of businesses that you or your company worked with while there. Include customers, vendors, suppliers, buyers and strategic partners. Go to the second sheet. Make a list of all the skills you acquired your education and work experience. Do not forget to include your first paper route or babysitting jobs. If nothing else, that will bring a smile to your face and keep you relaxed. On the third page, itemize your hobbies, interests and favorite leisure activities. You can make these subcategories on the page or get in the same list. Finally, enter on the fourth page of the work to consider before going in the direction you did. He also left you consider the dream job.

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