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Cologne MaxCologne Certificate

An energy-efficient, multilamellar facade with vertical, room-high glass-enclosed elements makes the maxCologne fully fit for the future. Extensive feedback, renovations and extensions make sure that the building ensemble sets new design and ecological standards and to the green building. In a prominent location on the right bank of the Rhine in Cologne Deutz situated, the building complex of high-rise and Rhine floors last but not least was cityscape since its completion in the 1970s the distinctive buildings in Cologne due to its gold-tone reflective, regarded at the time as highly innovative solar control glazing. HPP architects who subjected the object to a comprehensive revitalization program, had emerged victorious from a 2009 facade competition for the former Lufthansa headquarters in Cologne. Energy efficiency, neutral packed the large new glass facades – special constructions based system Schuco AWS are 75 BS.HI the harmonizing elements of both buildings at the same time and part of a sustainable overall concept. The seemingly neutral elements of the facades are triple insulated glazed and filled with inert gas between the panes. In this version, they reach an excellent UCW-value of 1.1 W / m2K. A suspended glass from 2 x 8 mm laminated safety glass, the so-called impact disc serves as a weather and protective layer.

Between the outer glass pane and the storey-high facade elements (rule grid 0, 90 m x 1.80 m) air currents can about above and below the impact plate provided air vents to circulate. These function elements at the same time provide a vertical structure in the front view. Ventilation, Sun and glare protection integrates all the rooms in the upper floors of the high-rise building, are of course particularly by the double skin facade construction and entluftbar the Windows of the inner facade can be opened manually. In the 25 cm deep, ventilated spaces between inner and outer facade layer was integrated an individually adjustable Sun and glare protection. In the upper third of the facade elements serve the 60 mm-wide Sun louvres of also the light steering. Optionally, inside still a shade can be installed in the offices.

DGNB gold certificate replaced gold facade already in February 2011 the entire ensemble of buildings for its ecological, socio-cultural and economic quality the pre-certificate in gold from the German society for sustainable building won. The outstanding qualities of energetic facade contribute in several ways to the award-winning energy concept: reduce energy use for air conditioning air circulation and sun protection function, the high thermal insulation performance ensures resource conservation in the colder seasons and the rich daylight entry reduces the use of artificial light. The specialty chemicals company LANXESS will use the building with its 19 floors of Office from the second half of 2013 as a new corporate headquarters. LANXESS Tower employees are around 1000 a transparent as well as flexibly structured working environment with find state of the art media and communication technology. Project data and participants: Investor/client: Warburg – Henderson Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH Kala 8, 20457 Hamburg property for: Rhineland pension funds P.o.

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