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This is a very small figure, but the house with such a mass will not shrink due to movement of walls or Seal basement. Therefore, to finish you can start immediately after you finish the main construction works. Space, which is laid insulation, vapor barrier and communication is called wall. First there is the external finish and only after that – internal. This property must be considered during the work. Exterior finishes can be done in both the traditional and modern materials. Wooden wall paneling – Is one of the most expensive solutions.

It can sheathe the front to get a beautiful and aesthetic appearance of the house. It must undergo special processing to obtain additional properties of thermal stability and resist blackening and rotting. Only in this case, wooden wall paneling will serve you for years to come. With regard to modern materials, it is possible to make a move in the direction of the siding panels or PVC. They are mounted on a special mounting system a crate, but the second option more expensive.

You can do the job and on their own, if you do everything right. The only difficulty for the beginner will be covering panels and roof assembly of decorative elements. Then same goes for PVC panels. Facade systems – an expensive but high quality solution finishing the front of the house. As a rule, it is used for extra warmth at home, but because for frame construction not very urgent. As for interior, then there are virtually no restrictions. Work begins with the installation of partition walls separating the space into rooms and utility rooms. This occurs at the stage of basic construction works. Then sheathe gypsum wall plates or other materials used for alignment. It can be attached directly to the guide beams or to the profile system. Floors can be finished as tiles (in the hallway and bathroom) and laminate flooring, cork flooring. There are no restrictions for floor installation with heating and no. Show your imagination to achieve the best result. Because the walls are finished gypsum board, ceiling finishes perform better than this stuff, too. If there is a loft, you should not put an end to this room. It is possible to make billiard room or a small gym. In this case, pitched roofs decorate the inside better than drywall sheets for further painting. But in the residential ceilings can make interesting and beautiful by following the boxes under the suspended ceilings. Need to take care of the conclusions of points electricity before the installation work. Such a finish would not be the cheapest, but will bring you the best results. Someone makes a choice in favor of traditional lining, however, is not the best material for interior applications. The fact that he is expensive, must be installed by professionals, and repair for small lesions is virtually impossible. And the tree is not suitable for every room. Where there is high humidity, better tree avoided so as not to spoil the material.

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