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Learn more about this Foundation. What is she doing? What is the purpose pursued them? For more than three decades, the Cornelsen Foundation carried out teaching and learning”their Foundation goals. With his charitable foundation, was dedicated to Franz Cornelsen in 1978 of the promotion of projects that are directly related to the school and gave a name to the social commitment of the Cornelsen Publishing House. Scientific content, didactics and methodology of teaching and promoting the training of teachers are supported since then with annual income from the endowment of more than 100,000 euros. The connection between the individual components of the work of the Foundation was thereby not left out. The prize advertised in every cycle of the Cornelsen Foundation brings new findings from the school research with practice in contact.

“With the help of the award future school” was planned not only in theory, but targeted the real school of life promoted. In Exchange, students and teachers by the theorists should the universities and educational institutions learn and incorporate lessons learned with in the school. Thus, the inventor of the award have accurately recognized the needs of today’s students and schools and started to support the education policy with practical actions. Gunter Jauch as the patron of the prize worth 18,000 euros the Cornelsen could get Foundation a well-known and media celebrities with on board. A further programme of the responsible of the Cornelsen Foundation to support the Foundation targets on scientific way. Cooperative school development”is called the program for the funding of research projects. In terms of content, the projects selected to promote must define their focus in the improvement of the cooperation within the individual school.

In the three-year cycle there is this award on scientifically-oriented institutions and universities. Also within the Foundation line itself was apparently heavily looked at networking between theory and practice. With a Foundation Advisory Board from the Cornelsen Verlag as a founder, a Chairperson, who is also involved in the Stifterverband and the German Foundation Centre and advisory boards of high education and Publizismus is the Cornelsen Foundation equipped internally always used to maintain contact between the research and the public. Read more at

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