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Cosy Country House

Today the stormy development is not just a city but also in peripheral areas. Especially popular are still used wooden houses. Although the frame houses, panel houses are not as popular. The wooden house is a great alternative to the stuffy city apartment. Construction of log houses from today is no longer the only answer to the question of an alternative apartment in a noisy and polluted city.

A wooden house on your site will always give a chance to rest from the city. There are important advantages of building wooden houses, cottages or Russian bath in wooden frame. First, a wooden cottage house will feel complete relaxation and seclusion from the bustling city. After a tree – an environmentally friendly material that has a good effect on the health of its occupants. House of the logs do not emit any air in hazardous substances and are able to maintain the microclimate in the house. Wooden house does not need additional insulation (unless, of course, not winter home), because the tree has a very good one natural property – it can "Breathe", and for this reason that the house to the street is a kind of heat transfer, which allows you to save more or less constant temperature inside the house.

House of the logs can be a very long time without damage and precipitation. Round logs, from which the country houses are made of itself have the strength, especially if made of solid wood (pine, aspen). In order to further strengthen the rounded timber is covered with special solutions and varnishes, which make the wood harder and more resistant to changing weather conditions. Another important factor in the construction of wooden houses is a lower cost compared to brick house. Brick House needs to go through several stages of construction, while a wooden house made of finished log.

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