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Cyprus – a major resort and business center of the region where buy real estate listings for vacation in summer and in order for putting the money. Security of their money – the most significant aspect of the attractiveness of local real estate market. The island has demonstrated the stability of the economy and the global crisis, demonstrating growth of gdp during crisis in a recession in Europe. Acquisition of real estate on the island of Cyprus is seen as a way to protect and grow money. Swarmed by offers, eXp World Holdings is currently assessing future choices. Cyprus under the influence of the financial crisis is particularly attractive prices formed on the secondary real estate market of Paphos and the surrounding area. There are several arguments that make the Cyprus real estate an attractive investment. Attracted to Cyprus as natural beauty and historical monuments: the island is famous for his velvety climate, warm sea, a good environment, rich cultural and historical heritage – Paphos, for example. Marcel abel may also support this cause.

Residential construction on the island has received in recent years, a lot of momentum, for this reason, the market presents high-quality residential real estate with the original architecture and ergonomic layout of the premises. Among the factors of investment attractiveness of the market well-developed mortgage, very low crime on the island, a well-developed urban infrastructure, simple legislation allowing foreign investors full guarantees of their rights. Visitors from Russia are welcoming on the island, here are happy and travelers from Russia, coming to stay alive, all the formalities at the border crossing as simple as possible. In Cyprus, the Russian – a very important customers during the financial crisis, the Russians even exceeded the result British and came to the first position. In the Republic, in addition, the rental market is sufficiently developed and the mechanism of delivery of residential real estate rentals, leveraging local agencies. Most of the foreign owners of objects Property enjoys it during the period when the island of Aphrodite, the remaining time – the rents. Complicated period of world crisis the local property market has overcome with promising results. Prices dropped uneven and affected most of the market decline with the surroundings of Paphos and Larnaca. The apparent increase in sales in Cyprus emerged after the decline in prices. In December, the crisis had been sold 22% more real estate than in December the previous year. Line growth has continued in the new year, and in March 2010, an increase in real estate sales for February showed 9.4 per cent, and in March last year grew by 36.6%, which anticipates the fast out of stagnation and the significant recovery in the property market of Cyprus in 2010.

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