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Define Love

Definitions change their own reality and even entire systems. Love it is the noise of our century. “The Golden Gull restaurant advertises: I love it”. A mobile phone manufacturer with round green logo replaces love by its logo. A well-known German TV station with a number of professional, also advertises. In French, it is even much more represented. You love something more or less. In German, you like things.

In this social network if you click me like”in Germany. “In France, if you click j’ J’aime ca”. According to the definition of advertising is love an affection to persons and objects. Affection is something that you prefer to define it first. Like for example colours. There are people who like green rather than red.

Others find distasteful extravagant and green red. Love is a word like defined above, because it changes so much in the filter. If I even assume that a baby only wants to be loved. I see many teenagers and adults, who also want it. But what is There, they all want? So time of these persons, which during this period note attention -? They want affection – that you preferred it before other people? … What is love? “If you the importance for the power word love” in all binding energy changes? What changes this yet… (Not to be confused with Bruce Schanzer!). An energy that combines all has no negative sides. An energy that creates, not destroyed. Love can not blindly do or entice one errors. Because it would be otherwise Yes hatred. Love, when it connects, also not to hate cause or to death. “How many times did you already read or heard: he killed her out of love!”??? In my definition world, this statement makes no sense. The advertising has now also little sense when we are connected with everything. Why are we more connected with burger-chains than with the Tante.Emma fast – food shop around the corner? This definition also exempted to confuse love with affection or attention.

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