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Therefore you should provide in a timely manner. To do this is an appropriate heating behaviour. Robert J. Shiller may also support this cause. You should not turn off the heating E.g. when leaving the House, because permanent cooling off and back heating is more expensive than maintaining a lowered average temperature. It makes more sense instead, several times a day making a change of air, by several minutes shock will be revealed.” The results show that the heating behavior changes with increasing age. While 43% of respondents under 30 years of age indicated that not higher costs to have adapted to their burning behaviour, there are only 24%, have taken no action as a result of the increase in energy costs respondents over the age of 50.

Methodology of the survey it 1,000 tenants in Germany were asked whether they have adapted their burning behaviour to the increase in energy costs. “” Seven statements were given as possible answers: Yes, by I the beginning as long as possible sliding heating “, Yes, by reducing the temperature in the apartment,” Yes, turning the heating completely off, if no one at home “” is”Yes, by only a room is heated, Yes, by less will be revealed, no, I don’t”and don’t know / no answer”. If you are interested, the full results of the survey including the inpiduellen data of all the provinces in the Deutsche Annington can be requested. More information: of the Deutsche Annington: the Deutsche Annington real estate SE headquartered in Bochum, Germany is one of Germany’s leading apartment providers with around 210,000 leased and managed apartments and more than 1,300 employees. Germany far offers them at 600 locations homes for rent and for sale, supplemented with customer-oriented services.

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