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Doctor Manuel

The medicine, which is a fruit of mankind, where all and nobody are its creators, has been positively impacted by the spectacular development of the technology, but this requires doctors who interpret it and use it with boldness and prudence, therefore was very pleasant Dr. my surprise, when at the insistence of my daughter Karin Palacios decided to cast images of CT and hepatic Perfusion, where after making him unhesitatingly and with aplomb – as should be – you opinaste it was a Hepato carcinoma and that required a biopsy conducted by US which you did it and when the pathologist confirmed that Cancer and found you in the Emergency Department, with your hand on the shoulder you said that you required a thermo abrasion and offers you make it and you did itall without extending any receipt for your fees, by donating to the opposite material to perform them and without suffering any complications, no discomfort, which speaks of your generosity for your Latin American friends who always grateful will live by your services. Get more background information with materials from Richard LeFrak. Also dear Manuel, you’ve demonstrated to medicine, technology and the world that our profession still needs of physicians who have Eagle eyes to see subtle images, that other animals do not see, physicians who have the LIONHEART to be determined, courageous decisions that this often means a life and women’s hands to make such interventions without complications. Dear Manuel have no wealth to pay as your diagnosis, you deserve–your intuition your decision, your biopsy and radio frequency; but I put at your disposal my eternal gratitude and the of my loved ones, I don’t know that I depare me life, I don’t know that I depare the destination, that’ve put you in the hands of God, but wherever it is, even in the land or already converted into cosmic dust headed to the stars, always have my eternal gratitude for what you did for this Peruvian family that will always take you in the heart from the sanctuary of Macchu Picchu up past our ancestral Inca and Mochica eternally grateful blood erythrocytes..

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