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Double-walled And Corrugated Sheets

What have you in the purchase of multi-walled / corrugated sheets make sure? Double-walled and corrugated sheets of the summer is finally here and it is time to implement the planned projects into action. A patio roof, a carport, greenhouse, porch, or similar. Double walled or corrugated sheets can be used for all examples. But what should you be aware of when buying? Equals a baseplate a baseplate, just because one sees no difference at first sight? We W & s plastics would bring light into the darkness and clearly show them the most important points. Raw material: Multi-skin sheet or corrugated sheet, both variants it has usually the choice of polycarbonate or acrylic glass. But what is the better material? Basically you can not directly compare both materials, each has its advantages. Therefore you can say ‘that’s better’. The biggest difference between the two materials is their impact resistance.

Polycarbonate is a very impact-resistant material, which makes it easy to handle, a break when cutting or drilling is almost impossible (here an example of the impact resistance of polycarbonate in a video about our double-walled). From optical perspective, polycarbonate, has a “plastic effect” to have so many shelters were built still made of acrylic glass primarily from the early days when it still had not the today’s market, the reputation. However, the manufacturing technology is as far as priority steps that polycarbonate is a constantly growing market share through the expectant better optics WINS. In the built-up to sand it has become for the borrow hard to tell the difference. Acrylic glass is the tougher material and therefore also more brittle (brittle fracture in relation to the hardness of a material) as poly carbonate, decreasing the impact resistance, so you should proceed in the processing and installation of acrylic sheets with caution. The biggest advantage of acrylic glass is the very classy-looking “real glass” appearance, which is why it is claimed today on the market.

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