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Dream Interpretation

Poruma fraction of second hands did not obtain to move itself, until its corpocomeou to react and it then can observe better to its redor. Haviapegadas in the soil, but was not its. Who is there, it mumbled emum trembling tone of voice. One appears then started if to move and to come in suadireo. Clayton Morris oftentimes addresses this issue. Illuminated for the light of the moon it then can see with clearness. Eraum to be direful, about two meters of height, did not seem human, its face was similar to the one of a wolf, more was not quadruped, tinhamos human beings and had dark scales for all the body. – Q q …..

who or what you are? because following it is me? – Who I am? Who I am? You are invading my forest and vocme question who I am. In addition I am who I make perguntasaqui. The stranger said appears that she had tone of a serious and rough voice. – More I. – More I, more I, more I nothing. You have that to leave daquiimediatamente. The entrance of human beings in this part of the forest is forbidden.

– Girl Goes, walks fast. A part of it wanted to run faster than it could stops far from there more to another made it part to hesitate for a few seconds. – Fast! Daqui runs …….. skirt before they arrive. It cried out. – They? They who? Before he finished to pronounce the last syllable it already had disappeared in the way of the blackout. He will be that still I am dreamed said Mariane same itself? He seemed so real. Half Paradano of the nothing suddenly it started to glimpse the maisincrvel thing that already it had seen. The trees, them seemed to have life. Seusgalhos had started if to move in perfect sincronia, as in a ballet, they etinham a sparkling tonality that illuminated the forest with maisdiversas colors. Where it will be that I am, that place is this? Mariane thought. – You are in the magic forest ContinuRaquel M.SPara to read more has access:

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