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free power calculator helps save money had to be paid until a few years ago still the monopoly prices of electricity, so it is now very easy to save money with just a few mouse clicks. A clever comparison portal, which calculates the cheapest electricity prices in addition to gas and DSL tariffs, makes this possible. Here the postal code and the average annual consumption be entered easily. Immediately, the calculator shows the lowest fares for the region. The following example shows that it really money save can: A family of four in Darmstadt consumed approximately 5000 kw of electricity annually. The most expensive provider of the region demands for whopping 1281,25 EUR, the cheapest 283,75 EUR of less, only 997,50 EUR.

The so month after month saved 23.65 EUR can do a family really well. But also couples or singles save many, many euros with the clever comparison. Especially now that the tariffs thanks to tireless lobbying of corporations again really be ratcheted up, particularly worth comparing. Many consumers but shy away from the path to a different, cheaper electricity supplier. The reasons for this are either convenience, loyalty to the local provider used for decades (which at the time actually ever anything gave?) or the fear of technical upgrading. Yes, even Repressialien are often called by the old provider or no maintenance of the electricity meter grounds.

This is the change without much effort. On the website of JetztStromWechseln.de for example, a change request can be filled immediately. This will be sent to the new, cheaper provider which takes care of everything else. Vonstatten the consumer must take anything further, the change is completely smooth and without problems behind the scenes”. The existing electricity meters and lines to the House continue to wait through the local power station, of course.But most important, The current is always there – and for less money. C.Peter Beckmann

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