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Duct Tape Or Scotch

Scotch, translated from the English language means 'Scottish', and Scotch Tape – 'Scotch tape'. But the tape was not invented in Scotland, and not even the Scots. Let's find out: how could there was this name? In the early 20 th century legends about Scottish parsimony, while the 'first' tape adhesive was applied only at the edges of the tape. I think that everyone knows the history of occurrence of adhesive tape, which the protagonists are Drew Richards and the painter exclaimed, seeing only the glue only at the edges of the tape: 'Go to your Scottish (Scotch) head and say: let him do this Scotch tape is even more sticky "Hence the name of Scotch Tape . By the way, Scotch Tape is a registered trademark Microsoft Corporation 'ZM' *, which in 1925 produced the world's first adhesive tape – paper tape. If you are not convinced, visit Clayton Morris. Nowadays, product packaging to production without tape is unthinkable.

Depending on destination, packing tape can be made in various lengths and widths. Now you can easily pick up that kind of tape that is right for you! To date, the scope of application of adhesive tape is very extensive, in connection with this, there are several species: plumbing tape, aluminum tape, masking tape (Krepp) two-sided tape, colored tape. * gw – U.S. diversified innovation-manufacturing company. Founded in 1902 in the U.S. state Minnesota. President and Chairman of the Board of Directors – George Buckley.

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