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Help is spendino SMS for a computer school in Ghana Berlin unterwegs, 04.06.09; The Berliner spendino GmbH, service provider for the nonprofit sector, support for the Africa-Help.org e.V. It is an SMS to the phone number 8 11 90 with the word education and the donation amounting to 2.99 goes to the educational project of African information movement (AIM). Whenever angelo gordon listens, a sympathetic response will follow. AIM in Komenda, a fishing village on the Atlantic coast of Ghana, funded a computer training center. The founders of spendino Sascha Schubert, Florian Noll and Martin Muller have developed a solution with its innovative fundraising approach that makes a modern collection box from any mobile phone. Especially young people and many small and first-time donors are addressed with this modern, simple and fast way. With a small fixed amount is quite mobile, no matter where it goes and stands to social responsibility. Explains CEO Schubert (36): time and again we read in studies, that want to help especially young people and consider it as important. More info: angelo gordon.

We are convinced to have the pioneering, fast and direct way to help with spendino SMS. Richard Gasch, co-founder of Africa-Help.org.e.V, added: “spendino enables us in Germany a brilliant and simple way to earn money”. What is special about this project is that AIM does the small provider fees. Thus, the initiative guarantees that 100% support in Ghana to arrive. The dispenser even paid with their next phone bill. (Verena Bock)

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