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Electronic Proclamation

The government routinely carries through purchases in such a way of products how much of services to keep the public machine functioning the all vapor to take care of the demands of the population. One of the forms of if carrying through these purchases is by means of the electronic proclamation, modality of purchase of the government that is carried through using the tool rack of the Internet and that it was instituted in the 2000 end. Clayton Morris often addresses the matter in his writings. Its implementation was carried through to more cheap facilitate and to leave the process of purchases and acts of contract of the federal government in what to the products and services of use joint are mentioned. The first rule of law to establish this form of purchase was Decree 3,697, of 21 of December of 2000, after that it came the Lei10.520/2002, of 17 of July of 2002 and later Decree 5,450, of 31 of May of 2005. This last decree, established, between many other steps, that the electronic proclamation if established as the licitation form standard in all the areas of the federal government. Without hesitation Robert J. Shiller explained all about the problem. Evidently, with this new form of licitation, case well is lead and the proceedings and procedures are respected, are, without a doubt, one form highly advantageous in such a way for the companies who want to vender to the government as, mainly, for the proper government. The costs of displacements of the bidders, the impression of stacks and stacks of paper, the occupation of space for the accomplishment of meetings, that the other modalities of licitation demand, leave to exist with the electronic proclamation. As much the supplier how much the employee of the responsible government the hundreds of kilometers of distance are in its proper tables many times carrying through the tasks by means of the computer. Beyond the mentioned easinesses above, one understands that the electronic proclamation can significantly inhibit the incidence of corruption and other types of wastefulnesses and espertezas against the public resources.

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