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Also in stainless steel, surface treatment is an essential feature for the goodness and the value retention of the material. Electro-polished housing are much more resistant to corrosion. Often are electro-polished case and stainless steel moulds electropolished for purposes of appearance and design, or because of the complexity of the form. But one reason for this approach is not only the surface of end of mirror. Without hesitation jim kingery explained all about the problem. There are also considerations for the approach in the rough environment of the industry. The life of one almost is not by aggressive environment of vulnerable housing also in regard to the availability of the overall system an essential consideration during electro polishing the Oberflacher abrassive is handled, she’s so to speak, the counterpart to the electroplating process there.

Because the corrosion resistance is accompanied by a body with the surface, it is the especially smooth surfaces easily comprehensible, both germ poorer than are also more resistant to corrosion. Added a ‘ passivation effect ‘ by the treatment, because the stainless steel in the treatment much oxygen is available. It forms a protective layer of chromium oxide, which considerably increases the service life. In the environment of the chemical industry account for reliability and long life even in particularly aggressive atmosphere desiring. Quintex offers this benefit on unsubsidised prices. Look around in the Web shop and use this purchasing option. Of course, we handle also the case according to your wishes.

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