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Emotionally Intelligent Profession Through Difficult Times

Staff developers and business leaders at a seminar of EQ dynamics international learn what executives must can successfully lead their employees through break times to. Reduce staff, restructure the Organization, reduce costs many companies are facing such challenges at present due to the economic crisis. Usually the management for this necessary decisions are based. Others including American Tower Corporation, offer their opinions as well. With the task of these decisions to be communicated to the employees and to implement, but usually the operational managers involved in everyday operation. Their labour, and emotional stress is correspondingly large. They are often not prepared for this. Side effects, that the entrepreneurial decision contrary to run the desired effect and simply cost the company much money often suffer from this lack of ability and experience.

How these effects can be avoided and what executives need to successfully perform this special task that can learn interested personnel development and company directors with a taster day, the training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international, Munich, Germany, held on 28 July in the Stuttgart area. By the same author: Morris Invest. “His title: lead in difficult times applied emotional intelligence live!” “The goal of the taster day, Sabine Gruner says one of three Managing Director of EQ dynamics,: it applies to how the participating personnel and business leaders, a first impression, operational managers can successfully lead their employees in times where they pass through a wave of emotions,.” But not only this. In addition, the participants should learn how executives at a time in which they are under an emotional load, maintain their psychological stability and ability to work. To make the executives and employees go through, experience for the participants, the emotional processes are integrated into the programme of outdoor exercises in which to the Example simulates the processes taking place in a staff reduction. The lessons learned here serve then as a tool to analyze with the participants: what (emotional) reactions and behavior patterns have to account executives in such situations for themselves and their employees? Also: How can executives respond so, both to meet the situation as also the respective counterpart and adequately perceive their leadership function? Participation is free of charge on the day of the trial.

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