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Still he can be perceived that through a research he is possible to raise given concrete, and that exactly liveing in the same region we are not expert of whom happens in ours daily, the citizen of the field lives in great uncertainties because it has almost not been resulted of the work in the field in function of the esquecimento and the depreciation of the public power. Considering the historical process of the occupation of the Amaznia throughout the times and correlating with the agrarian occupation in the city of Medicilandia – Par, front to the diversity that forms the system of regional production, is important to problematizar and to characterize as if it has constructed the system of familiar production inside of the relations with the way where he is involved. Of this form, the research searched to answer the following questions: How was given the occupation of the property and which had been the actors? Which are the carried through productive activities in the space of the property? How they have been developed these activities considering its relation with the environment? How occurs the relation between the family and the community where the same one is inserted and its experience with the social movements and the pertaining to school space? Pautado in objective to analyze and to understand as is constituted the systems of production and its main characteristics in the context of familiar agriculture peasant of the region, having considered the social relations and the relations with the environment. Thus being able; to know the occupation of the space in the context of the searched region. To understand as the productive activities in the space of the agricultural establishment and the relation with the environment occur and to identify to the relation of the family with the social movements and the pertaining to school space.

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