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Real Estate Market only able to confirm that the rise in prices at the Krasnodar real estate market is not lagging behind rising prices in other markets sfd ( 42% per year). Clearly seen that solvency of the buyers (potential) square feet in a new on top. Affordability of housing also increases access to mortgage mechanisms. Currently, the city has 90 financial institutions. Overview of cottage facilities in Krasnodar. During 2007-2008, construction of cottage settlements in the south of Russia, the sfd, and in Krasnodar, including markedly intensified.

This property is very promising, and the first thing this perspective influences – is a big demand in view of the low supply of cottage sites. Building low-rise buildings has largely spontaneous, and shows an overview of real estate technical condition of the houses below the average. How much is estimated square meter cottage real estate in 2007 and 2008? Cottage – 77 213 – 122 thousand rubles.; Mansion – 97 thousand rubles.; For a villa will have to lay out 82,334 rubles. Trade and commercial and entertainment area of Krasnodar. In February 2008 the total amount of retail space in Krasnodar is estimated at 1,128,366 square meters. m denote that quality retail space per one thousand inhabitants are 587 square meters. This is a fairly high rate. In the 2 quarter of 2008, according to the analysis of the real estate market in Krasnodar, there is more than 1.2 million square meters of property, designed for trade and the organization entertainment centers.

It turns out that for one thousand citizens of the regional center account for six hundred square meters, approximately. This indicator is small and can not be called with certainty that the Krasnodar may be only rival, Rostov-on-Don, this follows from the review of real estate at the regional centers. Those who wish to take the commercial property for rent to make about 2,650 rubles. up to 1 meter squared. Price to rent the same real estate, but in the mall, which is still unfinished, is 2.8 thousand rubles. per sq. m. For anchor tenants such sums are 650 and 850 rubles respectively. Review of the warehouse. Knowledgeable people at once will note that the warehouse property is not held in such demand, as all other types of real estate in Krasnodar, which is reflected in the development. The volume of sentences of the second quarter of 2008, according to a survey of the market estimated 350,000 square meters. m. This warehouse of class B and A are almost cleared, usually offered at the D and C. For the most part, these premises were once shops or other facilities. If the lease says, you have to to pay about 240 rubles. per square meter, this shows real estate market analysis for warehouses. The highest rates – in the festival area – 250. In the region of Rostov highway prices a little less – 235. At the heart of the city – 230 rubles. Others same areas are estimated at about 240 rubles. per sq.m. warehouses. Analysis of real estate all of these sectors shows an overall growth of the market in Krasnodar. As a result, we can say that the level at which real estate is located in Krasnodar, and in the whole south of Russia is very high. On hand was played and investment policies, and infrastructure, and the Olympics to be held in Sochi in 2014, and so on. Analysts argue that such a level rate does not decline, at least in the coming year.

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