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European Brand Labels Opt For ADVANSA Thermo Cool

ADVANSA Thermo cool is the ultimate high-performance material for thermoregulation ADVANSA Thermo cool is the result of many years of experience and intense preoccupation with questions of thermoregulation in humans with a wide variety of multichannel fiber products. ADVANSA Thermo cool contains a unique mix of fiber in the yarn, which interacts with the clothes rack. While the hybrid fibre blend features dual function: If the user is heated and in sweat, grant the substances of evaporative cooling and keep him cool and comfortable. If he cools down and feels the chill, reduce the substances the cooling process by external influences of climate, keep the user warm and regulate body temperature. For consumers who put a focus on environmental awareness, ADVANSA Thermo cool in an ECO version, is available which instead of petrochemical derivatives, with polymers from renewable raw materials manufactured, E.g. from corn. The reactions of the market are fantastic! We are glad, that already in the first year of ADVANSA Thermo cool leading brand labels present their collections and sell textile products, noted Gerard Illeras, sportswear segment manager of ADVANSA. The well known brand name for functional sports fashion brand for thermoregulation medico and the popular label for technical clothing TAO have integrated in their new collections.

Both are located in Germany and specialized in maximum quality and function in the clothing. The leading manufacturer of sports and outdoor clothing from the Czech Republic, Alpine Pro, found ADVANSA Thermo cool the ideal combination for the thermoregulation of the body. The company Lurbel from Spain is specialized on high quality functional clothing and moved their entire product line on ADVANSA Thermo cool ECO. Reasons were unique softness and thermo-regulating properties, combined with functionality and sustainability in a single yarn, in addition Grifane from Spain ADVANSA Thermo cool leads in his new collection. The Italian socks manufacturer Nemar, specific laisiert on high quality socks and stable in new developments, investing, offering ADVANSA Thermo cool in his new line of 4Perform. ADVANSA Thermo cool is familiar to even the fans of formula 1, the biggest spectator sports event worldwide.

The formula 1 chose fabrics for the official clothing collection, ADVANSA Thermo cool to ensure an and not visible but it inherently existing and tangible performance, also at the Fernando Alonso garment and replica collection, as well as for the official team outfits of the A1GP powered by Ferrari. Visitors of the ispo Winter09 had built the chance to ride a high speed race 1 race car simulator, an original formula spot near the ADVANSA Thermo cool stand in the BrandNew village area. Last but not least ADVANSA Thermo is cool and have buff determined, 2009 extreme RAID team to sponsor that will participate in the RAID World Championships again this year. Some activities of this competition are cross orienteering, mountain biking, canoeing, sea kayaking, trekking, rope contests, canyoning, caving, snowshoeing, skiing, horseback riding and running. To meet the requirements of the athletes maximum cooling properties, the team was equipped in recent years with competition clothing made of CoolMax fabrics. With the new ADVANSA Thermo cool competition collection is the team with multifunctional clothing fitted, according to the specific requirements, evaporative cooling as well as Thermopuffer performance guarantees.

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