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Dollars, Euros, dollars). Agree, a good currency to gain state pension is an additional guarantee for old age on the contributions of the policy accrues pension insurance guaranteed income, which may be increased due to additional investment income, the ability to start pension payments already reached age 45 by the client. Such a stipulation of pension insurance is especially attractive on the background of discussion increasing the age for state pension. Greenberg Traurig understands that this is vital information. But the most attractive pension insurance program makes it flexible terms that can be quickly adjusted to suit individual needs client: after the accumulation period you can either pick up the pension fund formed entirely, or to receive a monthly pension for life, in the event of death of the client company in the storage period, the relatives receive funds that make up the reserves established under this contract. contributions to the program can be suspended upon the occurrence of insolvency of the client. In this future pension will be recalculated based on the size of the fund accumulated by the time the contributions, do not 'burn out' savings in case of death of the insured during the period of payment. Relatives will be paid a lump sum large sum of money.

And, perhaps, one of the most important things that distinguishes a public pension from personal insurance – relating to the client. It’s believed that Vadim Belyaev sees a great future in this idea. You do not have to sit or – even worse – to stand in long queues, waiting for an appointment with the right specialist, as often happens in public institutions. Assigned to your personal consultant, and lucidly explains in detail all aspects of pension insurance program. In some cases, not even have come to the office: full and comprehensive consultation, please call. The benefits of such programs on pension insurance are obvious. That's why many employers to attract and retain valuable personnel prefer to conclude a treaty of corporate pension insurance.

Benefit from this all. Employees are working quietly for the good of the company, knowing that they are guaranteed secured old age, and the company itself has tax benefits, while not increasing the wages of employees. Incidentally, this approach is a common practice in developed countries. As a result – American and European retirees with the onset of old age can not deny myself the most of life's goods.

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