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Germany begins the flight from the real time Internet is a high-tech country, with us everything goes faster and faster, more efficient and better. The productivity and the performance of each individual grows from day to day. We live a wonderful world in which, especially when one compares the Habitat of Germany with other, less favourable areas in Africa or Asia. However, all these advantages have downside too. So the expectations and the pressure rises too much on every individual in the society. Who works in the field of advertising, marketing or media is particularly betrfoffen to this, because he has almost never work. Thanks to mobile devices and cheaper flat rates, one is almost constantly on the Internet and is flooded with information.

But not only that, because it has become once a certain status in the world of social media it is elaborated finally over with the rest. Constantly come messages via Twitter, Facebook, blog, E-Mail and many other services. Want answers, articles and information written and distributed be. At the same time to look not to damage the hard-built brand on his reputation management. Because the Internet is sleeping at night or on weekends, and even holidays it quickly enters a forced dependency. Because of course, you want to maintain the developed status and expand it even further, finally is there also a great sales potential. “But after some time we noticed that the life of the positive social media addicted” has converted to the workaholic.

Asleep friendships in real life, the family feels neglected and physically the first traces of this lifestyle are noticeable. Once arrived at this point their answering difficult questions of course. It was the logical conclusion of hiring staff in its own revision and to create additional resources a few years ago this is simply impossible in such a situation. Because it is in the area of social media immermehr, not to say almost exclusively, so called Personal brands are you can not just take this work an employee. Even with the Twitter and Facebookaktivitaten of large corporations, people are often behind it with your name. This build also the relations with the fans, followers and customers, are interchangeable so difficult. This first law is absolutely unthinkable for a single person. It is therefore to find a solution. Time management could be the Buzzword, but this helps something is very difficult in this area only for organization and efficiency. Extends the time available, but just not from one must reduce. Must I be really active on all of these platforms? Or submit a few? Questions their Antworten can solve part of the problem. However, just this problem solution is as unique as the problem, depending on what business and on what channels/platforms it moves or just has to move (because the dialog will not be friends) time savings can be easier or more difficult to reach. Living and working in the Abroad and those who do not manage to come to terms with the realities can think about emigrating. In South America it should be very nice and currently real estate in Paraguay are quite reasonably priced. Also, as a rancher what a calm and serene everyday life experience. Without the whole stressful everyday life, but also with forced abandonment of many good and familiar things. E. Garcia

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