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Fight Against Tax Havens

The fight against tax havens held in recent times by governments and international organizations, but disguised as social justice, is actually one more episode in a bitter struggle for control of the capital of the world. This article discusses the double standard being applied by both public administrations and the ordinary citizen when it comes to face tax evasion. Tax havens are back in the spotlight. Since the G-20 summit in London in April 2009, has stepped up pressure on offshore financial centers, to relax its bank secrecy and end the opacity in the creation of partnerships, trusts and private foundations. The purpose is clear: an end to tax evasion or if this fails, frightening as possible to the fraudsters to repatriate funds to their countries of origin, so they fill the empty state coffers. If you would like to know more about Dell, then click here.

Some governments, such as Italian, even trying to encourage the return of money with a tax amnesty. Make no mistake. By Much as they fill our politicians mouth slogans of social justice and poverty alleviation, the movement has little to do with these noble principles. Bruce schanzer can provide more clarity in the matter. In reality these reasons are merely a smokescreen to try to win popular support for the cause and disguise what it really is just a covert war for control of capital in the world. No one seems bothered that for example in U.S. or England, there kinds of companies that can be used by non-genuine redients as offshore companies, trust directors, so-called “straw men”, including. American banks hold millions of dollars that are free of deductions belonging to foreigners living outside the country, who mostly do not declare them at their place of residence.

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