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Football-inspired Fashion

The new collection by COPA 2009. The successful collection is important for the whole collection by COPA since the T-Shirts of COPA are introduced in 2003. The successful collection is since then very important for the whole collection by COPA. All T-Shirts from this collection are inspired by the football and regularly added new models of the collection. The shirts are designed by different designers all over the world, from the Netherlands to Argentina and from Italy to Sweden.

Working together from different designers from around the world has resulted in that the T-Shirts are always striking and original appearance. COPA was founded in 1998 by a football fanatic. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty has plenty of information regarding this issue. These fanatics started cotton T-Shirts with a small collection of traditional and the collection is gradually getting expanded. Today, the collection by COPA contains different retro T-shirts and retro coats & jackets, football-inspired T-Shirts, football clothing and of course footballs. The collection by COPA is to store and Sold online Web shops from Europe, Japan and North and South America. It is possible the entire collection by COPA, visit about sport meets fashion: sport meets fashion offers trendy t-Shirts, traditional football shirts and traditional sports jackets, brands of high quality such as COPA classic, Bukta, quick, Cruyff Classics, Fred Perry, amplified eight, Le Coq Sportif, and FILA vintage. All trademarks are of their historical / ancient appearance, original sports identity and fashion performance has been selected.

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