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Frame Structures

Here you have already figured out what your soil, have decided on the foundation. It's time to think about how you will heat the house where the boiler will rise, as will be pipes and ducts. If you want to save money Book a simple project, and get ready to design their own hire a small team, which will carry out the assembly of elements of a wooden frame. The best option for self-assembly – a frame house timber production. Such a frame is marked, and each rack, each item gets its own number. In the right places items already have holes for screws, and all fasteners are precisely calculated. The entire design necessarily be attached wiring harness, which makes home assembly unit, almost like an assembly tables.

Having received the frame furniture manufacture, four can assemble it in just a week. Details Serif, cut machine to the nearest millimeter, is ideally sit on their seats. This would allow for high-precision key elements of design that makes assembly quick and reliable construction. Before you start collect the walls of his house, carefully check – whether you want to place inside the bulky equipment that does not take place in door and window openings? It must be set before the panels will be attached to their places. Construction of the shield is collected on the overlap of 1 floor to protect wood from excess moisture. The assembled panel screws are screwed to the trim.

Shields the interior walls of future rooms provide additional rigidity. After issuing of construction, they reinforce insulation – such as mineral wool. It is advisable to lay insulation cross it, that is, for example, in a vertical direction from the outside and inside the horizontal. This taking you eliminate blowing at the joints. Frame door and window openings are screwed to the shield still on the floor before installing it. The roof is very difficult to establish. You must meet all of the technology: the tying of the shield is placed mauerlat on mauerlat fit into the rafters, ribs and valley – in accordance with the wiring diagram. This is followed by the device of the roof sheathing: vapor barrier, insulation and plywood. On it and fit, say, soft tile. Hope we have convinced you that frame houses on the basis of the US-Canadian technology, adapted for the Russian climate and our mentality – is ideal home, it is accessible to every Russian family. So, we list them all again Strengths: almost perfect environment, the maximum heat retention, which allows to get rid of overdried heated air, which is very important for the respiratory system; very long life at home, up to 150 years in compliance technologies; anyone who knows how to use a hammer, a man with several assistants to quickly cope with this problem, and most importantly – affordability. The face of your future home will be completely individual. Each family must live in his luxurious house!

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