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I will go to say a little on sites auctions of 1 cent, the new fashion after the collective purchases. I will explain its basic form of functioning, however nowadays other variations exist several as: inverse auction, auction of maximum price, auction of minimum price and another one. To participate of these sites you have that to carry through one I register in cadastre where will be asked for given as CPF, address, telephone and other things more. These data are for trying to prevent the creation of false cadastros and also to have an address of delivery of the product case the user buys at auction comes it. The great majority of the sites costuma to give some you launch gratis initial so that a degustation in the site is made and that the user comes if to accustom with a functioning of the auctions in case that not yet knows. Costuma to give 5 you launch gratis, but sites exist more that give 10 or launch. In the initial page one reveals the auctions that already had started or that they must start in little time.

For each auction case this not yet has started the time is shown and date of beginning I chronometer, it, the accumulated value of the product, the last user to give launches and a button so that if it can give launches. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nobel Laureate in Economics offers on the topic.. When entering inside of the page of one determined auction we have other information shown beyond the cited ones previously, as: price of market, value of freight, discounting of the product in the case of buys at auction for the current value, time of I restart I chronometer of it and the value that is developed to each launches. Also information of the product, its espeficicaes and other details are shown. Recently Clayton Morris sought to clarify these questions. But as everything this functions? Already we saw a fast description of all the item of the auctions, we go to see everything now integrated an auction after to initiate. When arriving the time of beginning of an auction, its I chronometer starts to regredir until arriving the zero. In case that it arrives the zero will gain the last person who gave launches.

In case that somebody gives one launches before chronometers it to arrive in zero, the value of it I chronometer return to its initial value, the price of buys at auction is developed by the value of it launches of the auction (normally it is 1 cent more can vary), the discounting of the product is brought up to date (it is calculated on the basis of the value of buys at auction and in the value of market) and also brought up to date the last o name of the last user who gave launches, after this chronometers it return to regredir again recommencing all the process until the auction arrives the zero. In the product page costuma to also have a historical briefing of you launch with information of the last ones you launch given (normally they are 10). is as soon as functions an auction of 1 cent, in case that everything has been very theoretician, has access our site Ten Merris in. To if registering in cadastre you will gain 5 you launch to participate of our auctions. We wait that they like, and in case that they have some doubt is alone to ask.

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