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General Corporation Law

However, we must point out that almost all cases the consolidation has been surpassed by codification. 13. DESCODIFICACIa "N When studying legal institutions is necessary to study legal figures like or reverse. In this regard need to discuss the decoding. Decoding is a process by which certain matters governed by a pass code to be regulated by other rules, for example by special laws. Therefore we can say that what happened with the Code of Commerce of Peru, 1902 has been one decoder, for some matters covered by the original text of the Code, and are not covered by the Code, but are regulated by laws as special securities that are regulated by the Securities Act, and the companies that are regulated by the General Corporation Law, among other subjects.

In this sense what has happened to the Peruvian Civil Code 1984 and the Peruvian Civil Code of 1993 have been decoding. For some authors are going through the age of decoding. That is, for these authors, the age of codification would be over. However, we believe that there may be different schools or currents in the law that exist in different states simultaneously. As there exegesis while the economic analysis of law. 14. Recoding Recoding is a legislative process is that when a subject was no longer governed by a code, and it became regulated by another rule as a special law. Then again that material be regulated by other similar code. For example, if the arbitration in the Peruvian State is again regulated by the Civil Code or the Civil Procedure Code there would be a process of recoding.

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