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A dozen of people places cardboards in the ground and with paintings in espray and groups they are giving to form to placards with the Stop motto oustings. The scene the past took place Friday in the street of Obradors of Barcelona. He is last " dot and colorea" that they prepare the organizers of the manifestation of today, summoned in 50 cities of all Spain by the Platform of Affected by Hipoteca (PAH). The associations vindicate a legal change that allows dacin in payment, which the oustings pause and that the families incapable to pay the mortgage can remain of rent in their homes. The reunited ones can seem few and their arsenal, inoffensive. But the movement articulated by the PAH is the most audacious and effective challenge sent to date against one of the lacerantes consequences of the crisis: the 15,491 families who of January to March of this year in Spain – more than 150 to the day, according to data of the General Council of the Judicial Power have been expelled from their house by not being able to pay the quotas of the mortgage. The affected ones, nevertheless, not only are lost their home. The banks, protected by the legislation and after remaining with the floors, they continue protesting to them until half of the amount of the credits that granted to them. Source of the news: : The challenge against the oustings takes the street today

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