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The world that surrounds us seems to ignite on all four sides, all the cardinal points seem to make common front against the existence of the human being. That does not mean that mother earth is this revealing against their inhabitants, rather we ourselves who make it bleed, we kill it slowly and the last breaths of gaia, the latest expirations of our planet begins to be clearly audible. Nothing seems to be enough, we do not limit our spoliation. The human being is without doubt of any kind, planet cancer, unstoppable metastasis that devours a few at the moment, weak legions than shouting and approaches that want to stop something that no longer has control, but careful that nobody SBI cover those mouths that seem marginal but are the only ones that make us keep us standing, like a boxer knocked on the verge of falling to the canvas. Senior global leaders with complexes of jeans malcriados in environments of a rancid Puritanism skipped the bullfighter, and shamelessly public, few treaties attempt to bring order in this apparent chaos. Daniel Taub brings even more insight to the discussion. And not content with this They borrow to the God Mars where there is a stronghold of black gold, with the excuse of making to prevail the freedom?. Anguish and despair, both nicknames that define a time of clear uncertainty, of a passive malaise of an untamed generation that seems to deliver their destination that best smiles for the camera.

Bread and circuses!, that said long ago, wise doctrine going back to ooze in these times where with car, mortgage, Visa and television cable because we have enough. Gone eras and generations that threw into the street yelling peacefully by a world better, for a future that we gave and not know manage. A sad lament goes through our time, it hurts that deafness is an evil so widespread, what a pity that the couches are so comfortable, that inevitability that the variety of television makes us imbue us into a fantasy of comfort and happiness that is not more than a slow movement towards a time, future, let me say unstable, uncertain. Where our children have to cope, that manage, that sadly will inherit. You can read more about Benjamin Amo by visiting her blog. Original author and source of the article

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