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Go To A Mortgage Broker Or Bank ?

The modern real estate market is developing dynamically, with the features of this process is connected not only with pricing but with the character of the property. For the construction of new homes incorporating modern technology to ensure the future of their respective owners comfortable living conditions, successful and innovative design solutions to allow a reasonable practicality and aesthetics of a new home or apartment. In large cities of Russia such as St. Petersburg and Moscow there is considerable variability in the average price per square meter depending on the quality of the object and its location. In this case, there is a general rise in prices for real estate, which, in combination with other factors influencing the lending policies of banks, it stimulates the offer of a large number of mortgage programs designed to reach the maximum number of consumer credit.

Against the backdrop of growing economic and political situation, these programs also tend to vary, while property prices are also not standing still. Under these conditions, an integrated approach of professional mortgage broker is able to not only take into account the existing situation but also to predict its future, ideally at the time of loan repayment by the borrower. Mortgage broker not only selects the optimum credit program, prepares documents for the bank, accompanied by a notarization of the transaction and registration of property rights at the Fed, but also checks the “purity” of the transaction. In particular this applies to testing documentary and physical history of the property selected by the borrower in case of a secondary housing market, and check the builder’s reputation in case the primary market. However, only a professional and experienced specialist mortgage brokerage and real estate, just knowing the features of the interaction with the participants of the transaction, is able to positively resolve the issue with the involvement of mortgage capital. It should be borne in mind that communication not prepared by the borrower with a bank can significantly reduce his chance to get a loan program for which he expects.

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