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Habitat Senior Golf Resort

It will be one of the markets with greater capacity for growth in the coming years. At the moment, only located some promotions throughout the Spanish territory, but it will become a really attractive niche for a population that is aging and that occupies the 5th place in strength of older people in Europe. The concept is not yet sufficiently exploited. Senior resort was born in response to very specific needs of a group with prospects for starting a quiet life that wants to live in his own House, with its amenities, medical, healthcare, security in familiar surroundings and with an attractive offer for leisure. The senior resort, consolidated in other countries such as United States, consist of residential housing developments consisting of individual homes, type apartments, bungallows or villas, built next to common areas which are destined to leisure or certain services. In fact, the offer of these is one of its principal signs of identity, since they have a wide range of services welfare, area restoration, sport facilities, golf courses, security and surveillance 24 hours a day, swimming pools, spa centers, local business, etc.

In short, all the elements necessary to live within them. In addition, these complexes are located in natural surroundings privileged in hot climates or coastal areas, with good communications by road, air or rail. The regime of exploitation of these homes usually sell, although there are other formulas available, as a high-rotation of tenants or by lifetime assignment, i.e., the person concerned acquires the right to enjoy the apartment during life and after death of the elderly, Center retrieves the good without the right for the heirs. In Spain, this product has not yet reached maturity than in other countries, so an interesting way of business opens to developers. In February 2006, a report by DBK located seven senior resorts in operation, most, located in coastal areas. City Patricia, for example, is one of them. It is located between Altea and Benidorm, on the Costa Blanca.

It is composed of four apartment buildings and one central with various common services. It has a team of doctors and nurses who provide health care. The houses are exploited in regime of rent and lifetime use. One of the last project is Vitania Resort, located in the Valley of the Golf de Mijas, in the heart of Costa del Sol. The apartments, duplex or triple are surrounded by a leisure, beauty centre and other sports. Senior Resort in the Region of Murcia inside of the Region of Murcia, this concept is still not very developed. At the moment, one of the few examples that we find is Habitat Senior Golf Resort. The complex is located a few minutes from Murcia, near the beaches of San Javier. It has more than four million square meters of green areas and golf courses. Urbanization, addressed to this group of more than 55 years, consists of one and two bedroom apartments, with prices hovering around from the 150,000 euros.

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