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What made these people, no longer exists. The soul is the otherworldly levels mostly from relatives and friends, or even spiritual Helpers, such as angels and masters expected and continues their journey and their experiences there. This report not only people who have accompanied their relatives during the death process, but also those who had a near death experience. Most of the reports of people with near-death experiences agree that these people see a light, received by a loving being, and feel a deep peace. Usually, if they return after this experience in life, they have lost their fear of death.

In the dream, we can communicate with deceased there is also the possibility in a dream the otherworldly levels to meet near deceased, if thats a great need. For example, the single father will describes the (name changed), whose five-year-old Sohn had died from the previous marriage without warning. Since then, will wore a deep pain with them. One night he sat together with his new wife and her sister. You talked about dreams and the Sister reported as working with dreams in Eckankar. She told, how you the Holy Word HU, sing an ancient name for God, can better maintain his dreams and understanding or how it can help with painful trials of life. Will had had already the beginnings of dreams with his son, but his fear she always switched off, before he could meet him.

The sister-in-law suggested before bedtime to HU sing. A few days later called will’s and reported excitedly that he had HU Sung it and then later met his son in a dream. He got can share many things him, that had remained unsaid because of premature death. His son assured him that he was happy and this insurance will brought his inner peace. (These and other spiritual experiences are told in detail in the book: past lives, dreams and soul travel, (Harold Klempen), page 165) In Eckankar, religion of the light and sound of God, there are various spiritual exercises, the the Help people to learn deliberately as a soul already in his lifetime. You can use these exercises to practice no matter what religion one belongs to. To know yourself as a soul can help resolve the fear of dying and death and consolation donate if close relatives die. More about HU and detailed experience reports on spiritual exercises in the books of Eckankar (www.eckankar.de/ 211.html) or at:. Peter Hanson Ma

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